Other Temples near Golden Temple, Vellore

Temples Near Vellore Golden Temple

1) JALANKANTESHWARA TEMPLE The temple is a paradigm of Vijayanagara architecture. It has some beautiful and intricate carvings on its gopuram (also called tower). Situated inside the Vellore Fort, the temple is devoted to Lord Shiva. It is believed that this sanctum sanctorum was erected on a place which was once occupied by a giant ant-hill. This giant ant-hill was surrounded by water on all the sides.

After some time, an idol of Shiva was placed in the mid of this pool of water and a temple was later erected around it. The Jalankanteshwara Temple is thus built in the center of a water tank. Also, the highlight of this temple is a revolving lamp. This lamp is placed behind the figurine of Nandi. It revolves when one places his or her hands on it. Locals believe that it is an indication that God has heard their plea and their wishes shall be granted. It is also said that the temple was mutilated at by the Muslims during Muslim invasion in the Vellore Fort. The temple was resurrected in 1981.


2) CHELLIAMMAN TEMPLE- Chelliamman temple is one of the other temples in Vellore. Situated adjacent to the new bus stand, the temple attracts thousands of devotees on a daily basis. Inside the temple, figurines of all the Sapth Mathrukas are placed.

The prominent place is occupied by Goddess Chelliamman, who is believed to be another form of Chamundeshwari. Devotees of Chelliamman hold the great belief in the powers of the Goddess. No auspicious event begins without taking the blessings and permission of the Goddess. People also offer tie cradles and statues of horses to the Banyan Tree located inside the temple. Chelliamman temple can be visited between 6 am. to 8 pm.


3) PALAMATHI TEMPLE- Palamathi temple is one of the other temples in Vellore. Situated atop Palamathi Hills in Vellore, the sanctum is devoted to Lord Murugam. One needs to pass through a rocky and rugged terrain to reach this place of worship. You need to have a good stamina to climb a good number of stairs to reach this temple. Palamathi Hills offer a pollution-free escape and a peaceful ambiance to its visitors.

It is also advisable to use a car or bike to travel through the terrains of the hill. It is best to drive with care as the region abounds in sharp twists and turns. Palamathi Temple has hundreds of visitors on a daily basis. It is a comparatively small temple but is easily available from the base of the rock on the top of which it is situated.