Facilities at Golden Temple, Vellore

Facilities at Vellore Golden Temple

Some of the facilities at Vellore Golden Temple are-

1) GUEST HOUSE FACILITY- One of the most prominent facilities at Golden Temple, Vellore is the guest house facility. The temple authorities have maintained 52 fully furnished and air-conditioned rooms for the convenience of the visitors. The rooms have attached bathrooms. The guest house facility also has a kitchen and a dining hall to cater to the needs of esteemed people like spiritual leaders etc. The second set of the guest house facility covers 100 rooms sub-divided into 5 blocks. At least four people can be accommodated in each room.

2) DINING FACILITY- The dining hall or Annapoorani Mandapam has best of the facilities to provide healthy and nutritious food to the devotees. Thousands of devotees who visit the temple are served hot and fresh food between 12 pm and 3 am. The food is served on fresh banana leaves. There is proper seating arrangement and devotees can have their meal while sitting on the chairs.

3) MEDICAL FACILITY- The Peedam also has requisite medical facilities for the safety and well-being of people. The premises of the temple is suitable for physically disabled and senior citizens. Wheel-chair and escort facility is also available for people.

4) PARKING FACILITY- Sri Lakshmi Narayani Golden Temple, Vellore abounds in space. There is a well-developed system for parking vehicles. The parking space can easily accommodate around 100 buses, 1500 two-wheelers and 500 cars. One has to pay a nominal fee for using the parking space. The fee collected from people is used as donation for the temple.

5) SEATING ARRANGEMENTS AND DRINKING WATER FACILITIES- The Golden temple, Vellore has ample of properly ventilated areas with elaborate seating arrangements keeping in mind the needs of people. Along with proper seats, requisite drinking water arrangements have also been made for the convenience of the visitors. Drinking water facilities are provided at strategic areas in the premises of the temples.

6) EATABLES- Sri Narayani Bhavan is situated close to the golden temple. The restaurant serves pure vegetarian delicacies to the reverent devotees. Also, many stalls have been set within the temple premises to provide fresh milk and fruits to the devotees.

7) SOUVENIER SHOPS- These are one of the best facilities at Golden Temple. Souvenier shops are set up inside the golden temple premises to showcase some of the works made by destitute women. Devotees can buy some beautiful handicrafts made by these women. These items serve as a memento from the temple. These shops are situated at strategic and prominent places within the temple premises.