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Golden Temple at Vellore, Tamilnadu | Sri Mahalakshmi Temple | Sripuram Golden Temple

The Sripuram Golden Temple is constructed on a 100 acre green landscape in Thirumalaikodi Village of the Vellore district in Tamil Nadu. The construction of the temple was completed in seven years and was consecrated in August 2007. The consecration ceremony witnessed more than one lakh footfalls, which is considered a record given the normal visitors to this small town.

The Sripuram Golden Temple finished in 2007 holds the title of the largest golden temple in the world ( Gold Coated Temple ). It sits on over 100 acres of land in Malakoidi, in Tamil Nadu India. Also, it is one of the most beautiful temples in India if not the most beautiful. It is covered with 1.5 tons of pure gold (worth $65 million) on the exterior as well as the interior surfaces. The lighting system is designed to highlight the beauty of the temple and glitters even at night. Built by Sri Narayani-Peedam and led by the Guru Sakthi Amma, The spiritual teachings of Sakthi Amma also known as Narayani Amma, adorn the walls.

golden temple vellore
The temple basking in all its glory

Vellore Golden Temple,Architecture

The architecture of the temple is designed in such a way that the green landscape bordered by a star-shaped path, symbolically representing the Sri Chakra with twelve vertices, which are considered auspicious. This path is capable of absorbing nature’s energy and disseminating this energy amongst the devotees who walk along the star-shaped path. The walls along the path are adorned with various discourses from different faiths, which are expected to enlighten the devotees visiting the temple.

Another wonderful aspect of this place is the Sarvatheertham, an Ecopond, which was created by water from all the perennial rivers in India. This pond and the use of organic manure for managing the flora in the temple premises, has created an ecologically balanced system for the growth of various species of plants.

Sripuram Golden Temple at Vellore – Temple Tour

Rituals and Rules at Vellore Golden Temple

Worshippers are expected to adhere to the rules of the temple. For the regular Darshan, you will have to walk through the star shaped 1.8 km around the temple before entering the temple. Liquor, chewing gum, tobacco, combustible items, cameras, mobile phones, and other electronic gadgets are not allowed inside the temple. Devotees are encouraged to maintain silence and any loose talk in the confines of the temple is frowned upon.

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Golden Temple, Vellore – Worth the visit

When leaving the temple, Ashram volunteers will hand you Pongal, Laddu, Sweet rice, and Kum-kum, or prasadam viz. While the system is very well organized, the long queues may leave you exhausted, and it may be frustrating to find that after all that you can only see the Darshan from afar off. However, just stepping into the temple grounds is so worth it. The green lawns, tranquil ambiance, beautiful scenery, and exquisite architecture makes for a very satisfying visit.

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Vellore Golden Temple History

The Golden Temple of Vellore is situated in a place called “Malaikodi”. The temple held its consecration on the 24th of August in the year 2007. This ceremony was attended by thousands of devotees.  Thus, the Golden Temple history does not date back to the era of Vijayanagara kings when the majority of the construction in the city was done.

Sripuram golden temple

The temple has been done by highly adept artisans. They have done intricate and manual work to create this mammoth. The temple has been built on 100 acres of land. It has been designed by a Vellore-based architect, Sri. Narayani Peedam. This has been advanced by Sri Sakthi Amma, also known Narayani Amma, who is a Vellore-based religious leader.

The forehead or crown  of the Temple has some of the most intricate designs ever seen in the Indian construction. It is carved with complex art forms in gold and silver. The development of this awe-inspiring forehead was completed on 24th August 2007. It is believed that more than 1500 kg. of gold was used to make the forehead.

The Vimanam

The crown of Sri Lakshmi Golden Temple is called “Vimanam” or “Ardha Mandapam”. This crown is one of the biggest temple crown in the history of architecture. The temple is the storehouse of the diety of Sri Lakshmi Narayani. Sripuram Golden Temple was built in a time frame of 7 years. This period is considerably small when considering the construction of other massive buildings and temples like Taj Mahal was completed in 22 years, Golden Temple, Amritsar was completed in around 10 years etc.

Sripuram Golden Temple was built in a time frame of 7 years. This period is considerably small when considering the construction of other massive buildings and temples like Taj Mahal was completed in 22 years, Golden Temple, Amritsar was completed in around 10 years etc.

The temple is situated at an apt location. The location of the temple has been decided by taking “Vastu” , which is a traditional Hindu system of architecture into account. Sri Lakshmi Golden Temple has been built in the center of a star-shaped path so that it absorbs a lot of positive energy from nature. This star-shaped path is called “Sri Chakra”. The path to the temple stretches for around 1.8 km.

The Vellore Golden Temple history elucidates that this location is a source of peace, tranquility and relaxation for the devotees. It is believed that ardent devotees who walk through this star-shaped path are blessed to read the messages of justice and truth which allow them to transform into powerful and supreme creatures. The penultimate goal is to kindle concrete faith in Almighty and the ultimate aim is to change people.

What you should know about the dress code in Vellore Golden Temple

Sri Lakshmi Golden Temple, situated in Vellore, is a relatively new and cosmopolitan temple. People who practice different religions and faiths are allowed to enter the temple and offer their prayers. The visiting hours are usually between 8 am. to 8 pm. with an exception of special occasions wherein the timings may be adjusted as per the needs and convenience.

Despite being religiously tolerant, the heads of the temple are not lenient on the outfit of the visitors. Like the dress code of any other temple, the Vellore Golden Temple dress code is also a strict one. A casual and elegant outfit is the best when visiting the temple. One should avoid any kind of extravagant outfit. After all, you are going to offer prayers and not for ramp walking.

Devotees are requested to dress decently when visiting the temple. There is no provision to allow entry to people wearing night wear, short pants, lungis, midis, short dresses, and Bermudas.  When visiting any Hindu temple, it is the best to wear something ethnic or traditional. Kurti with churidar or Patiala and saree are the best options for women. For males, kurta with pyjama or dhoti and jeans with shirt are ideal options.

When opting for any Western outfit, ensure that its length is well below your knees. Carrying any kind of head cover such as dupatta, scarf or handkerchief is the best practise.

In addition to the Golden Temple Vellore dress code, the temple authorities have also restricted the use of camera, mobile phones or any other electronic equipment inside the temple. This provision is very much prevalent in the temples situated in Southern India. Also, like any other place of worship, consumption of liquor, chewing gum or tobacco is completely prohibited inside the temple.

Updated March 4 , 2017